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How to make a movie in schools

Making movies make sense helps teachers to teach kids about film making and how to make movies in school. It is an interactive multi-platform resource that teachers can use to facilitate movie making and movie understanding. This resource is primarily aimed at teachers teaching pupils aged 7 to 14 (KS2 and KS3 in the UK). Making movies make sense is suitable for teachers of English, MFL, Drama, Media Studies, etc.

Making movies make sense includes

You can use Making movies make sense to teach kids both about film making but also how to read and understand movies that they watch. The screening suggestions section includes over 25 great film titles recommended for film viewings in schools. The Key principles section includes all the information you need as a teacher to teach your kids the basics of film language with sections on the types of shots you should use, how to shoot your movie in school and other locations, editing video on the computer and essential pre-production details of scripting, storyboarding, location, costume, permissions, etc.

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