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Plan a film

The Pre-production section of Making Movies Make Sense shows you how to plan and prepare your film. This plan a film section has 14 pages and includes information on:

  • Developing an idea: see the excerpt below
  • Creating a pitch: how to present your ideas orally to a film producer or other interested party
  • Scripting: details of what to include in a film script with illustrated example
  • Storyboarding: how to convert your script or idea into a working storyboard with illustrations
  • Props and costumes: how do props and costumes build up a mood and show where and when the film is set
  • Choosing a location: practical advice on choosing and securing permission to use a location for your film

Here is an excerpt from the Developing an idea page 1:

You need to decide on your story or message, and how to get this across to the audience. You can try making a ‘mindmap’. If the film is about facts, you will need to do some research. You can get information from books, the internet, newspapers or even face-to-face interviews.
Keep the idea simple. Short film is a whole genre in itself, so don’t try to squeeze a feature film into 4 minutes.
Show, don’t tell. Film is all about being visual; tell the story mainly in pictures and sounds, and don’t use too much dialogue. Some great short films don’t have any dialogue.

This section is complemented by sections on Production and Post-production giving you a complete over-view of the filmmaking process from planning to editing and export.